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Are you looking for garage door repair services and installations in Horsham, PA? Our company has been open and operating for over 15 years, and during this time our technicians have amassed an endless amount of experience over this time. Our professional technicians service Horsham, PA in the Montgormery County. This little town in Pennsylvania is full of fun and exciting attractions, including beautiful parks, exciting museums, and thrilling ride experiences. If you are not sure what is going on with your garage door or need an evaluation, don’t hesitate. Call our office 7 days a week to schedule almost any type of garage door repair or installation!

Our Main Garage Door Services in horsham, pa


The garage door opener is what helps to automate your garage door. If you are having issues with the opener, you may not be able to operate it in the way that you would like. Issues with openers can include anything from the motor itself to keypads and remotes, and our technicians are trained to repair the industry’s biggest brands of openers like LiftMaster, Chamberlain and Craftsman. If you live in Horsham, PA and are having an issue with you garage door opener, call us 7 days a week to set up a consultation with one of our experienced technicians and let them take care of the issue for you!


There are two main types of springs that your garage door may have, both of which our technicians are trained to work with. Torsions springs are typically more reliable and last longer than extensions springs. If you have torsion springs, they will be along the top and on the front of your commercial garage door while extensions springs will be on the sides. These springs are the main force that helps to lift your garage door, as it normally would be too heavy to operate. If you have broken springs and live in Horsham, PA then give us a call right now to get your springs repaired!


Our technicians are trained to install the industry’s finest brand of garage door opener which is LiftMaster. These openers are the best on the market and will easily last you anywhere between 15-20 years of operating. Not only is this brand of opener the best on the market, but they are also very versatile. Making sure you have the best garage door opener possible is important and with LiftMaster, this is not an issue. If you live in Horsham, PA our technicians can install a new opener for you, so call us any day of the week to set up an appointment!


Your garage door rollers help keep the door on track and moving up and down properly. Rollers can be easily damaged, but they also can be easily replaced. Your rollers may come off track but it is very easy to have a professional come out and replace them. Other solutions may be good short term, but the best solution is to replace them as they will last you much longer. Our technicians are trained to change your garage door rollers quickly and efficiently, so call us now if you live in Horsham, PA to have our technician out to take care of them!


The cables on your garage door are responsible for storing the energy that is needed to help you lift and shut your garage door. If you hear a loud noise coming from your garage, it is commonly the cables or springs snapping. Your garage door cables can snap if used for too long which can prove dangerous if it snaps while someone is around. It is important to have them inspected properly and replaced when damaged to prevent a potentially dangerous accident. Call us today if you live in Horsham, PA to have one of our professional technicians out to take a look!


If you need a new garage door then look no further! Our technicians are trained with garage door repairs and new door installations on doors. We install the finest brands of doors like Amarr, Wayne Dalton, and Clopay. Our technicians will come out to give you a FREE estimate on a new door and will make sure to give you all of your options to make sure that we can find the best door for you and your budget. Give us a call any day of the week if you live in Horsham, PA to set up the free appointment for a new door installation today!

Professional Commercial Garage Door Services Horsham, PA

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Commercial garage door

Not only are our technicians trained to work with residential garage doors, but also commercial! We work with the same brands of openers, LiftMaster, Chamberlain, and Craftsman. If your commercial garage door is having issues then call now, we know that it needs to be taken care of quickly as it can be a matter of security. We will make sure to do a full evaluation on the door to make sure we can diagnose and repair the full extent of the issue. Don’t hesitate if you have a commercial door that needs repair in Horsham, PA and call any day of the week to schedule.

Commercial garage door installation

Our technicians are trained to work with a wide variety of garage doors, so we will surely find you the best door for your commercial building. Again, we only work with the best brands out there like Amarr, Wayne Dalton, and Clopay. Your commercial garage door is essential in that it provides security and can seriously impair your business when not operating. We can come out to replace any door and diagnose any problem that may be occurring. Call us any day of the week if you live in Horsham, PA to set up your FREE new door estimate appointment with one of our professional technicians.


Our company has been open for over 15 years. We service the Horsham, PA area and are able to perform a wide variety of repairs. You name it, we fix it. We can work with springs, cables, rollers, tracking, panels, and more! We can install new doors from Amarr, Wayne Dalton and Clopay. We can also install new openers from professional brands like LiftMaster. We perform all of these things not only on residential doors, but on commercial too! Our technicians are professionally trained and certified to handle all types of situations. If you just need general maintenance on your door, we can do that too! Our technicians can inspect your door and lubricate all the parts to make sure it is running smoothly. If you know your door is not working correctly and aren’t sure what to do, call now.

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