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At Sterling Garage Door Repair, we have designed services equipped to provide you with the most efficient and professional garage door spring repair service in Warminster, PA.

what happens when the springs break

Springs included in a garage door construction are massive mechanisms used to open and close this structure. The primary function of these garage door springs is to counteract the gravity present within this structure. Due to this, garage door springs are essential to open and close your garage door. This means that you’re likely to face a severe issue when these springs break.

You’re still required to check that your garage door springs are in optimal condition even if the garage door opener is intact. These garage door springs contribute to the even distribution and support in the balance and weight of your garage door. Your garage door springs always need to be in one piece. If you notice that these springs aren’t in one piece, you shouldn’t try to perform a garage door spring replacement yourself.

our garage door spring best practices

Spring repair is complex and potentially dangerous if done by a novice. Professionals, like us, are required. Luckily, we offer same-day service that’s available seven days a week. Not to mention, our broken garage door spring services come at affordable prices and are conducted with certified and experienced technicians. It doesn’t matter if it’s a broken extension spring or a broken torsion spring. We have the right solution for you.

replacing both springs

Our first step to performing an effective garage door repair is to examine how many springs your garage door includes in its construction. From here, we can replace these springs. You can either have one or two torsion springs while only having two extension springs. If it’s only one extension or torsion spring, we’re still going to replace both springs. This is because these springs work together. Due to this, replacing only one spring can cause your garage door to lift unevenly and come out of its track.

safety inspection

Our certified technicians always start each repair with a thorough inspection to ensure that all the parts and hardware included in your garage door are in optimal working condition. In addition to this, we also equip our garage door replacement solutions with some of the best practices. This is because we wish to offer an effective service centered around giving our customers the utmost safety.

using the right springs

When conducting our professional garage door repair services, we only use the best quality garage door springs. These springs offer a high cycle that offers enhanced durability with a useful life of several years and over 10,000 cycles.

types of garage door springs

The two most popular garage door springs that our technicians work on are torsion and extension springs.
torsion garage door springs

torsion garage door springs

Torsion springs are designed specifically to store mechanical energy. This is provided by combing garage door cables. This helps the torsion spring twist on a horizontal bar located above the garage door. Due to this twisting, the torsion spring tightens while the door closes and unwinds when it’s opened.

Advantages of Torsion Springs

  • Good value for money is offered.
  • It’s easy to work with and is easily adjustable to fit your specific garage door.
  • It offers unmatched durability.

Disadvantages of Torsion Springs

Not many significant disadvantages come with installing torsion springs into a garage door. Nonetheless, one distinctive disadvantage is that they are more expensive than extension springs.

extension garage door springs

Extension garage door springs

Extension springs are also called tension springs. These springs are equipped to stretch in length while working to lift and lower the garage door. This is performed by returning force to the garage door that’s extended to its original position.

Advantages of Extension Springs

  • Extension springs are less expensive than their counterparts.

Disadvantages of Extension Springs

  • Extension springs aren’t as durable as torsion springs.

Replacing Extension Springs with Torsion

Many homeowners believe that you’re required to replace broken extension springs with new ones. However, this is false information, as you can choose to replace these damaged extension springs with torsion springs. Torsion springs are preferred by most homeowners. The main reason they prefer torsion springs is that they last longer and they’re sturdier and allow for greater control and more movement. Contact the experts at Sterling Garage Door Repair to help you make the switch to torsion conversion springs.

What Not To Do After the Springs Break

One of the most important things you should avoid trying is lifting your garage door manually if the springs are included in this structure break because garage doors are extremely heavy. Lifting this structure without the necessary support can be severely dangerous. This is because nothing is stopping the garage door from slipping off its track and seriously injuring anyone present underneath this structure. Not to mention, manually opening your garage door can also damage the opener.

The Dangers of Replacing the Garage Door Springs Yourself

One of the basic safety measures that all homeowners should know is not to replace a broken garage door by themselves. It’s a severely dangerous task to replace these garage door springs because of the massive tension these springs are held under. When these garage door springs are broken, the garage door structure is unpredictable and can fall at any time. Due to this, only professionals should be left to perform the appropriate replacement services.

Why trust us as your professional garage door repair company?

At Sterling Garage Door Repair, we only provide our customers with technicians who are certified, professional, and experienced. When investing in our unmatched garage door spring repair services, you’re assured affordable prices that are going to save you money in the long run. Not to mention, our spring replacement services also prevent potential damage to other parts of your garage door.

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