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If your garage door opener breaks down, our service staff will arrive as soon as possible to restore it. We repair LiftMaster, Craftsman, and Chamberlain garage door openers. At Sterling Garage Door Repair, offering only the best customer service is our number one priority. Our highly trained technicians are available all week and will help resolve any garage door opener issues you may have in a quick and efficient manner. Whether your transmitter isn’t receiving a signal, there’s an issue with the safety sensors, or the gear is broken, we’ll come to inspect and fix it as soon as possible.

If your garage door opener is beyond repair, we will be more than happy to install a brand-new LiftMaster opener for you. We only use top-quality products and materials that we trust 100%, which is why we offer full warranties on all of our work. If you live in the Warminster, PA area and are having difficulties with your garage door opener, please do not hesitate to give us a call so that we can help you out.

the garage door opener: understanding how it works

A curved arm connects the structure to the garage door opener. This arm is also connected to the garage door trolley, which pulls and pushes it to open and close the door. When you direct the garage door to open, the garage door motor controls the door’s movement. The spring system is in charge of this, ensuring that the weight is uniformly distributed. This process ensures that you move safely and steadily. In the event of any unexpected conditions, an emergency release function is also included.

Professional Garage
Door Opener Repair by Experts

When do you know whether you need a new garage door or just a basic garage door opener repair? The following circumstances necessitate opener repair:

• A broken gear
• The motherboard is faulty.
• Sensors are damaged or missing.
• There is a loose chain.
• The wall unit or the remote are not working (or both)

Garage Door Opener Installation

In some cases, rather than garage door opener repair, a new opener must be installed. These are some of the reasons:

• It’s an out-of-date unit that you need to replace.
• If you need a repair on a brand of opener that we don’t service.
• You want to improve your garage door opener by upgrading to a better and newer model, to increase the value of your home.

Our Garage Door Opener Repair best practices

We cover a wide range of repair problems, so you never have to worry about your garage doors breaking down. Our team is ready to help with any situation, from the most basic to the most complicated. Sterling Garage Door Repair also provides excellent services to ensure that you do not experience any of these problems after having your garage door installed or repaired by us.
garage door opener problems and solutions
liftmaster garage door wall keypad

The Garage Door Opener is Not Closing Normally (Sensors)

The alignment and height of the sensors and switch should be checked first if your garage door is not closing properly. Your problem could be solved with a simple adjustment. The sensors must be pointed in the same direction. You must ensure that nothing is blocking the door’s path or that there is no obstruction. If there is, the sensors do not allow the door to close. When there are wiring issues or defective sensors that need to be replaced, this might be a more severe problem.

Opener Reversing Feature Doesn’t work

If you are having trouble with your garage door opener’s reversing feature, you can contact one of our experts right away because it’s a safety problem. We conduct a garage door safety inspection to ensure that none of your friends or family members are injured.

Grinding Noises

Grinding sounds are also a sign of a problem with the gears. The equipment is kept inside the opener. We open the garage door to make sure everything is in working order and that there are no other issues, such as a broken garage door spring or broken garage door cable. Additionally, the grinding sounds may also be caused by worn rollers or hinges, insufficient lubrication, improper installation in the past, or a stripped opener gear or trolley. All of these problems are something we can help you with.

The Remote Keypad or Control of the Garage Door Opener is not Responding

To ensure that you do not have this problem, our technicians analyze all of the programming and functional properties of all remotes and keypads that open and close the garage door. We are also willing to help you with this issue.

Emergency Release is Pulled Down

It is essential to remember that when you use the garage door emergency release, you are also disengaging the garage door opener. The garage door does not open as a result of this. Pulling the emergency release cord down and toward the door in the opposite direction of the engine engages the emergency release.

Working With the Most Recognizable Brands

popular garage door opener brands

We collaborate with other incredible brands to ensure that you get the best garage door opener service possible. Our team mostly works with Liftmaster when it comes to installing a new opener. Assume, however, that you would prefer a different option. In that case, our technicians are authorized to install other brands such as Chamberlain, Craftsman, Liftmaster garage door openers. All of these brands are of high quality and standard, so you can’t go wrong with either.

Brand New Garage Door Openers Installed by Experts

The various opener options include:

• Chain-Driven Opener
• Belt-Driven Opener
• Direct-Driven /Jackshaft Opener

A chain-driven and belt-driven opener are the most common types of openers you are going to find.

Types Of Garage Door Openers

Get High Quality Garage Door Openers from Liftmaster

chain drive garage door opener installation

Chain Drive Wi-Fi Garage Door Opener

There is a chain on these openers. The trolley is connected to the motor by this chain, which moves the garage door.

Advantages of Chain-Driven Garage Door Openers

  • They are the most cost-effective opener available.

Disadvantages of Chain-Driven Garage Door Openers

  • They are less quiet than their counterparts.
  • You need to keep up with regular maintenance to make sure the chain does not rust.
belt drive garage door opener installation

Belt Drive Wi-Fi
Garage Door Opener

Instead of a chain, a rubber belt is used in this type of opener. This is analogous to how the chain-driven opener works.

Advantages of Belt-Driven Garage Door Openers

  • It is a smooth and quiet option.
  • Belt-driven openers are durable and powerful.
  • They result in quick movement and operation.
  • They have a battery back-up.

Disadvantages of Belt-Driven Garage Door Openers

  • They do not perform well in conditions with extreme heat.
  • The openers often slip out of its placement.
wallmount garage door opener

Wall Mount
Garage Door Opener

A garage door opener with a jackshaft is also known as a jackshaft garage door opener. These are mounted on the inside of the door and run on a separate engine. The torsion bar is rotated by this motor, which drives pulleys and wires. As a result, the door is raised. They are suitable for all kinds of ceilings and work well with bigger garage doors. These openers are one of the priciest options available.

Garage Door Openers: Frequently Asked Questions

1. Are there multiple types of garage door openers on the market?

Yes, absolutely! There are two main types of trolley garage door openers – chain drive and belt drive.

Chain drive garage door openers frequently utilize a chain as well as a metal cable, although some are entirely chain driven. Chain-driven versions are regarded to be a high-quality, high-end alternative.

Belt drive garage door openers use a rubber-reinforced metal belt. The quietness of belt driven versions is one of their biggest selling features. These types are popular among homeowners who live near a bedroom or area, as well as garages with an apartment above.

2. Does one size motor fit all? 

No, definitely not. The typical residential garage in the United States contains a ½ horsepower and a ¾ horsepower motor. A properly balanced garage door should not weigh much at all. A decent balance take around eight to ten pounds of lift. The muscle used to raise the garage door is replaced the door opener. A 1¼ horsepower garage door opener motor can generate up to pounds of lift and apply the same amount of pressure when closing as it did when.

3. Is it possible to buy a garage door opener at the store?

Garage door openers are available at almost any hardware or big box store. While this may appear to be a time-saver, it is recommended that you have an expert garage door installer evaluate the options. Of course, it may seem a little biased of us to tell you this, but the garage door openers on offer at the shop are not suitable for daily opened and closed residential garages. If you want a new garage door opener, give us a call (or have one repaired). We may inspect the situation, your door, and provide our professional view on which garage door opener is best for your requirements.

4. How do I reprogram the remote if there’s a power outage?

Reprogramming your garage door opener remote is typically a two-step procedure that starts with climbing up to the garage door opener and reading the instructions for reprogramming. For quicker access to the directions, check your make and model on the internet.

5. Is it possible for me to install my own garage door opener?

If you are handy with tools, it is very feasible to install your own garage door opener. Those who want to install the opener on their own should think about the job’s complexity before beginning. A better choice would be to hire an expert installation company like us. Why put time, effort, and chance at being frustrated when you can call a professional?

6. Is my garage door vulnerable to intrusion when I am not home?

Many people are concerned about whether or not they will be able to get back into their home when they return. This is a typical concern, which demonstrates how essential security and safety are to homeowners. You want the assurance that no one can enter your garage without your permission while you’re away from home or in bed for the night. There are a variety of ways to be sure your door is secure at all times. Call a professional first to ensure that your garage door and opener are correctly installed. Many types of garage door openers include an on/off setting that prevents remote control access to the door. This can avoid any crooks from using a code guessing device to hack your door. When you’re gone for lengthy periods of time, unplugging the opener might help safeguard your garage.

7. My door won’t close and reverses to open. What is the cause of this?

Two automatic reversal systems are required in all North American garage doors. This legislation was passed in 1993 to prevent people from being hurt due to their doors shutting on them. After correcting the cells, your garage door should operate as usual again. If you’re having trouble closing your garage door after adjusting the photocells, give us a call!

8. Are there any apps that will allow me to open my garage door with my phone?

Yes! There are apps that may allow you to operate your garage door from almost any location. If someone needs access to your home, or if you want a package delivered inside, this might be beneficial.

9. What is the average cost of a garage door automatic opener?

The cost of a garage door opener installation will differ based on the type of garage door opener you choose to install. The cost of installation also depends on the nature of the project.

Call us for more information about the cost of a new door or a new garage door opener. We can provide estimates and assist you with your project’s requirements.

Why trust us as your professional garage door repair company?

Due to several reasons, Sterling Garage Door Repair should be your first choice for garage door opener repair and installation. We are concerned about the quality of the services we provide, and it shows in our work. Our company ensures that your garage door opener is properly installed so that you don’t have any problems in the future. To ensure that a safe environment exists, all relevant safety rules are always followed professionally. When you choose our team, you are making a long-term commitment. Our professional garage door repair ensures that you won’t have any problems in the future and that you are going to save money. It is the most sensible and secure choice.

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