Garage door installation services in warminster pa and the surrounding areas

Sterling Garage Door Repair offers doors from some of the most well-known brands in a range of colors, materials, and styles to complement your home and individual style. Our certified experts will install and replace your garage door with the greatest degree of care and skill. We’ll respond to service requests as quickly as possible to ensure that your house is safe and secure. To get expert installation of all major brands – Amarr, Wayne Dalton, Clopay, among others – as well as the greatest warranties in business, contact us  any day of the week for a free quote.

When it comes to a garage door replacement, you’ll receive brand new tracks, as well as the garage door springs and complete system. Garage door cables and rollers are also included. When we arrive at your home, we make certain we have all of the necessary parts. We can also remove the old doorway and dispose of it for you if that’s what you want.

We offer FREE estimates for new garage doors! Contact us to schedule an appointment, and we’ll come out to take measurements and find the best garage door for you and your needs.

the types of garage doors We Work With

We primarily work with steel garage doors. However, some Warminster, PA, residents prefer glass garage doors, and we can handle that, too.

steel garage doors

Why Choose Steel Garage Doors

Less Maintenance – you don’t have to do much to clean them. Plus, they’re lightweight while being durable. That means the opener suffers less and can perform longer without an issue.

Beautiful – the panels are easy to work with, so you can have attractive patterns and shapes. Plus, they can be installed with a window and much more.

Energy Efficient – these types of doors are insulated well and feature a multi-layer manufacturing process. That way, the space inside doesn’t get too cold or hot.

Security and Safety – steel doors are very strong and can withstand attacks. Thieves can’t easily get into them, but you can vacate the garage if there’s a fire.

Working With the Most Recognizable Brands

popular garage door brands

While there are many garage door brands out there, we prefer to work with these three the most:


With the Amarr brand, you get heavy-duty steel and high-quality components. These doors also come with these perks:

• Recycled – Amarr products are created with about 90 percent of recycled content, so it’s eco-friendly.

• Energy-Efficient – You can pick different levels of noise reduction and energy-efficient based on your needs.

• SafeGuard Pinch Protection – Almost every door includes the SafeGuard system to prevent finger and hand injuries.


Clopay has been around for more than 50 years, so it knows what its customers want. When you choose this brand, you’re going to get:

• Various Materials, Colors, and Styles – You can choose from contemporary, carriage style, and many others. Plus, they have steel and glass garage doors. If that weren’t enough, it’s possible to pick the right color to match your home.
• Intellicore Insulation – This proprietary insulating foam can help you create a warmer, quieter atmosphere in the garage

Wayne Dalton

Everyone can appreciate the Wayne Dalton brand. The company is committed to quality and has many products you can’t wait to see. There are many benefits of choosing this option:

TorqueMaster Counterbalance – The proprietary counterbalance system from this brand encases the springs in a steel tube. It looks better, and it’s much safer.
Thermal Insulation – If you want to save energy, then you should consider the insulated garage doors from this brand. They’re thermally efficient and can help the space stay comfortable in summer and spring.
TruChoice Colors – You’ve got many color options available (over 6,000) when you select this brand.

have a look at these beautiful garage doors we have recently installed...

reasons to replace your
garage door

There are many reasons to replace the garage door and consider garage door installation. These include:

  • Replacing  your garage door boosts the value of your home. If you’re thinking of placing your home on the market for sale in the near future, a new garage door can pad the amount you sell it for.
  • If the existing garage door is too old, you will start to experience a lot of issues with it. Instead of fixing some issues every now and then, it is best to replace the garage door entirely and get a new garage door. You can always choose between a single garage door or a double garage door.

  • The garage door repair cost is more expensive than the garage door replacement cost.

If your garage door opener is in good condition and works, you don’t need to install a new one. Plus, there’s no need to have one put in if you prefer to use the garage door manually. When you have us handle the garage door installation, you automatically get a new garage door spring system, garage door cables, tracks, and garage door roller replacement. Plus, we remove the old garage door and dispose of it correctly.

Styles of Garage Doors

It’s important to note the different garage door styles out there so that you pick the right one for your home.

• Raised-Panel – These are a classic styling and look great with almost any home’s exterior. They feature raised and symmetrical rectangle panels and come in different colors.
• Contemporary – You get a clean and functional appearance that looks great from the street. It’s also possible to add glass elements (windows) to make it unique.
• Carriage – Carriage doors are sometimes called barn doors. They feature a rustic and distinctive look that stands apart from the crowd.

You can also have windows installed instead of panels to bring more light into the garage. On top of that, we can help you choose decorative hardware!

What Is Insulation in Garage Doors?

Garage door insulation isn’t something that you often hear about, but it’s a great thing. Homeowners who choose an insulated garage door are sure to reduce their energy bills throughout the years. Plus, the temperature stays regulated inside, so the items in the garage aren’t damaged. There are different R-value ratings to measure the thermal efficiency of the door. If you want something that reduces noise and keeps temperatures steady, you want a higher R-value number. That means the garage stays cooler in summer and warmer in winter. Most homeowners currently have a non insulated garage door. There aren’t many ways to fix that other than installing a new one.

Why trust us as your professional garage door company?

At Sterling Garage Door Repair, our garage door technicians are certified and licensed to handle your garage door installation needs. We ensure that they are trained and knowledgeable, and each person working for us has over 10 years of experience. Our services are always backed up by a warranty. We can provide that because we only work with high-quality and well-known brands. Typically, our turnaround for garage door installation is between one and three days. The good news is you always get upfront pricing and know what you’re paying for. Plus, we remove the entire door and leave your property clean when we’re finished. Call Sterling Garage Door Repair today for an estimate!